Tuesday, January 17, 2017

3D deco light

So recently I received this amazing BB-8 wall decoration in exchange for my honest review. I have to say this thing is amazing! So if you look closer to my pictures, you will see something funky by his head. That is because the wall this is on I didn't want to drill holes into the wall and decided to use those 3M hooks. I have to say this thing was pretty easy to attach to the wall. The sticker was kind of a pain because of where the crease was so if you look closely you will see the imperfections on the "breaking" looking sticker. Now when you get the batteries in BB-8, you can either have him on (middle position) or have him on a timer. I will also say that the lights are not very bright. I thought that it would be brighter but it only is the head that lights up. I was hoping for more light to make this a night light type thing.

In conclusion, even though there are a few things about this that I don't like, in general, this thing is pretty awesome! How often can you say you have a BB-8 coming through your wall into your room! So if you are thinking about getting one of these bad boys, make sure to head over to Target and grab yourself one! They have all different ones and now my son wants a Darth Vader to go with his BB-8.