Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Hollywood Wax Museum Visit

So about a month ago I was able to attend my local wax museum with my kids and a friend and her daughter. I have some things I really liked about the attractions and some that weren't so great.

Let me start with what was great! My kids really enjoyed Hannah's Mirror Maze and the Castle of Chaos. I actually liked the mirror maze as well. I just wish that there was more to it. It was short and my kids flew through finding their way. It had a great story line and I loved that the stairs leading up were also musical. I am not sure if it was wheelchair capable or not. I wasn't looking at this very well. The Castle of Chaos was neat in that you sat there in the chair and the platform spins around while you take a gun and shoot the evil. My kids enjoyed the fact that they could race to see who was the better shot. I will say that the 3D glasses make my head hurt. They are very narrow and my eyes don't adjust the best to the 3D movies, but I still found it enjoyable. Also you will get wind on your legs so if you jump, just be prepared.

Now onto the Outbreak section. As soon as we were watching the movie (the introduction) my son started freaking out and wanting to leave. I told him that if we started the outbreak he was going to finish it. Now once we actually started in the maze of zombies, my son was like "oh this is nothing. I got this!" Now the stench from the smells in outbreak make the whole building smell awful! I understand they have them there to enhance the experience but I hate that it was everywhere. Now one thing I didn't appreciate is how loud it was in there and that no one warned a couple that was taking a baby in the area. They barely got in the door and needed to escape. Someone should have warned them before they even started. Now I personally didn't like Outbreak but I thought the animatronic zombies were great. There was 2 live employees that were part of the experience and toward the end, the one girl was following us (which my friend and daughter didn't like).

Now onto the wax museum. I will say that some of the wax is wonderful while some doesn't look anything like the character they are meant to be. As for the VIP treatment, it is neat going up to the top to look at the mountains but there isn't anything special about it and so I wouldn't personally spend extra to have this experience. I did find that this exhibit was short as well. Honestly I think we did all the attractions in under an hour. But one thing that was great about the wax exhibit was the fact that there was staging. That you can try on props and be a part of the scene.

Before I go to pictures, let me recap. This wasn't a bad experience but I personally couldn't see spending $30/adult to go to all the attractions. It wasn't enough to do and see for the value of the tickets in my opinion. BUT with a discount, it would be worth a go.

Now here are my pictures:

This is the view from the VIP area

Couldn't get any pictures from inside ChemaCorp (AKA: Outbreak)

Castle of Chaos chairs

Hannah's Maze of Mirrors

If you want pictures, there is the packages

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