Wednesday, November 16, 2016

14K gold for kids - Review

Recently I was sent a pair of earrings from 14K for kids in exchange for my honest review. I did not have to write this review but felt like I should because of the great customer service I received from the company. 

I will say that the backs that originally came on the earrings were not snug enough for a child's ear. When I contacted them, they said they were sending me a replacement pair. When I received the replacement pair, I noticed that the backs were the same. So the company sent me a different back for the earrings and now they work great! And I even tried to get backs here locally but because of them being a smaller post, the ones that you can buy locally won't work right. So just keep that in mind. 

Now onto the review of how these looked! I think this earring looks amazing! I love the fact that the stone is set up farther from the ear. I think this is great so that the stone shines more. I also like the fact that they are easy to clean. My daughter loves these earrings and so do I. I am happy that I got a chance to review them. I know that I have to be careful on what material I have in my ears because I have a sensitivity. And I found my daughter has the same sensitivity too! So this is perfect for her. Her ears stay just the way they should. So if you are looking for a pair of gold earrings I would check out this company. I would just make sure to see about getting a different backing if you get the same style that I did. I just didn't feel that they were secure enough. Below you will find pictures I took of the box and earrings. 

Here is a picture of the bag that comes with it

The earrings in the box

Close up of the earrings 

Side view of the earrings to see detail

In my daughters ear

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