Sunday, December 11, 2011

My CVS deal

So I went to CVS to grab the cards that are buy 3 get $3 ECB. I'm starting to get a little stock pile now. But I grabbed a couple other things and forgot one of the other free items so I will be heading back tomorrow.

This is what I grabbed:

I first bought the 3 cards (American Greetings) each were $0.99, I used my $3 ECB from the last week's cards = paid tax and got $3 ECB

I then purchased 2 DenTek packages. I got the ones that are on sale for $2.99 and used 2 coupons (from today's paper) for $0.75 off = Used $3 ECB plus coupons = Paid $1.48+tax and got $3 ECB *Please note that not all CVS stores will give you the $3 ECB unless it's $6 or more on the DenTek's.

I then took the $3 ECB and grabbed a box of Cipacol that's on sale for $4.88. There is a $1 coupon in today's paper = paid $0.88 and got $1 ECB for next time.

The item I forgot was the Combo's. They are on sale for $2 and you get $2 ECB so I will be stopping by.

Also if you don't have the green tag (For reusable bag) please grab one. It gives you $1 for every day you shop.

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